What's DaaS?

DaaS is a modern day subscription model which bundles, laptops together with support services and software into a monthly, per device subscription.
Cost savings:

Businesses can now save on upfront costs by getting monthly access to the latest devices.

Stay upto date:

DaaS ensures businesses have access to the latest technology


Businesses can upgrade or switch devices as needed, with a flexible solution for evolving technology needs.


Equip your employees in a few clicks

Select devices

Place the order

Complete KYC

Receive delivery

The financial benefits

Save big on upfront costs. Maximize your budget and enjoy the financial benefits of flexible renting options.

Switch your IT costs to OPEX

Redefine your IT strategy and switch from capex to opex with Rentl

Adopt a responsible IT policy with ease

With Rentl you pay a fixed and transparent monthly subscription. Our policies are startup friendly.

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